Glass bottles have long been used as containers for everything from food to medicine to fragrances. They are durable, many appearing in archaeological dig sites that are centuries old. They are valued for the history they reveal as well as for their beauty and utility. They range in design from the very ornate, jeweled designs to more utilitarian clear or colored ones. Even a clear glass container yields a special beauty based on its form and design.

Bottles are collected for their historic connections, for their beauty, for decorations, and as utilitarian containers. Their being made of glass means they offer excellent protection from weather, insects, and other contaminants when used as storage containers. The glass used shows great variety as well. Some are fragile, easily broken. Others are heavier and more durable. The durability desired is one determinant of the type of glass used.

Decorative filter water bottles have become quite collectible. Some sell for thousands of dollars. Others are quite inexpensive, though beautiful, sometimes being even more beautiful than the more expensive ones. They come is all colors, shapes, and sizes. Some are adorned with jewels and metal trim. Others are quite plain, but still beautiful with rich colors and unusual shapes.

The bottles are not the only factor in choosing a scent, but are a big one. There are fancy bottles for both males and females. There are depictions of characters, lighthouses, boats, guns, and all sort of heavy, masculine shapes. Others are dainty glass water bottle with silicone sleeve with gems, metal "lace" and depictions of such things as birds, butterflies, fairies, and other such dainty items. Though more fragile, the extra care needed to preserve them is well warranted because of the beauty they add when displayed on a dresser or vanity.

Fragrances are another factor in making a choice. Every effort should be made to match the fragrance and the container. A strong, spicy or woodsy scent would not seem appropriate for a dainty, bejeweled bottle. Also, a soft, flowery scent would be out of place in a heavy, deeply colored glass water bottle with infuser. So, scent and decorative design must complement each other.

Manufacturers are aware of the value of their containers as collectibles just as much as of the special aroma of their product. The bottles are marketed almost as much as the product inside. Also, bottles holding other substances such as perfume are promoted as collectibles. Groupings of fancy bottles and colored ingredients are designed to best showcase their beauty and appeal.